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About our Company


Senecal Construction Co., Inc. was founded in 1987 in the State of New York with most of our projects on Plattsburg Air Force Base. With the Base closing, it was decided in 1995 to relocate the business and our employees to Burlington, North Carolina. At that time, the construction economy was robust, and Burlington being centrally located, offered easy access to staff and managing our projects in the region. It was during this time that our philosophy was fine tuned, with emphasis on controlled growth, to better serve our clients and their projects. Since then, we continue to uphold this philosophy firmly as we complete projects that we are proud of.

Mission Statement:


To provide our clients with an exceptional construction experience through extensive attention to quality, detail and integrity. Our number one goal is superior service to the client and their project.

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Our Services


We are a Commercial metal framing and drywall firm with a significant emphasizes on hospital, commercial and educational projects.

With an annual revenue of 8 to 11 million dollars, we have intentionally positioned ourselves where we can be selective on what projects we pursue. Those that fit within our profile, we are able to focus on providing the highest quality and service for which we are known.

We prefer to be involved in your project long before the project is actually built with our Pre-Construction Services including Realistic Budgets, Value Engineering Alternatives and Time Analysis.

Once on a project, we understand the simple fact that it is a team effort that completes a project and requires involvement with many trades to accomplish this. Every project is handled in this manner to assure a successful outcome.

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